The parable of the shower

I’m no longer a Christian, see Lost and How I went to theology school and lost my faith.
Also I thought I was a man when I wrote this. I was wrong

Once there was a man at a missions training school where the men’s showers were always cold. Two weeks passed. The man began to think himself quite adept at having cold showers - to the point of writing a blog post: about it.

Finally there came a day he felt he couldn’t face the cold shower - He knew one of the showers in the women’s block had been made available to men. So, crossing the courtyard, he found ‘room 13’.

It was the most glorious, awesome, beautiful shower he had ever had - though he’d only been having cold showers for 2 weeks.

The man and shower represent a person and their relationship with God. We can let the incredible fact that we can have a relationship to God/hot running water in our homes become routine and familiar, and forget the miracle of it. Then when that hot water ceases we can feel we’re doing ok. It’s doable, I’m coping. But when we once again go in search of the truth. after a time of cold showers we can find it easier to respect the miracle, the amazing grace of having access to hot showers/God.

Seek out the hot shower - it’s amazing. If you have access to hot showers now then enjoy them more fully. See the wonder of it.

Which man is more likely to be an enthusiastic missionary for showers? The man who has just had his first hot shower in years? or the one to whom daily hot showers have become routine? What can you do to once again see the majesty of the hot water cylinder?