Bag of holding

bag-repair Today I spent the part of this evening that should’ve been devoted to a blog post instead repairing my bag.

This bag is one of my most favourite things that I own. It is easily the cheapest favourite thing: it cost me $18.501 from Trade Me2, over two and a half years ago.

It looks like it is from WWI, and was for gas-mask equipment (explaining the unhelpful internal divider).

Here’s the American version made new.

bag-in-place It’s served me well, though I’ve had to repair it a couple of times, and I did cut out that internal divider, it’s incredibly sturdy. For a bag I use all day, every day, in even the most appalling weather, it’s lasted very well. Previously I’d been used to bags with plastic buckles and connectors breaking after mere months of use, or stitching coming undone, however the only issues I’ve had with this bag is the actual canvas wearing away with use. And fair enough - it’s been through a lot.

And it’s fun to fix with my truly terrible frankensteinish sewing.

  1. including shipping. That is an amazing deal. It was easily at the same quality as this ebay auction when I bought it. It was just really badly categorised and sorely needing a photo. 

  2. Yes it’s in the womenswear section of Trade Me - whatever.