Daily posts

I’ve decided that throughout the whole of February I’m going to write posts daily (I’m already cheating by writing this on the 2nd and backdating it, but I don’t want to wait ‘til March. (besides, March is longer.))

  1. I really enjoyed the week last year when I wrote posts daily, and I need the motivation to not just fiddle with the design of my blog, but just write, about anything and everything.
  2. Without the motivation of writing regularly I’ll just write whenever I’m pissed off about something - and then it starts to seem like I’m just always pissed off.
  3. The best way to be creative is to force it. No, really.

So you’ll be getting a bunch of posts of varying quality throughout the next four weeks. Subscribe to the feed to catch them all.

And comment! Your comments make me feel like I’m being read and encourage me to put effort in or whatever.