Kinds of Calling

I’m no longer a Christian, see Lost and How I went to theology school and lost my faith.

Earlier in the history of this blog I wrote about the Christian concept of ‘calling’.

It is time for an update!

Here at school we had some awesome teaching on this very topic (and many others).
It explained it much better than I could what I was trying to say, but also a lot of things I just didn’t understand.
Now my role is to pass it on to you.

There are different layers of the call of God.

Firstly, there is the general call - this is the call to pursue/seek and love/worship God, and to become more Christlike. This our primary calling - it’s like 4 to 1 to any other teaching about calling in the bible. It is the same or everyone.

Secondly, there is the personal call - this is the pastors/teachers/evangelists passage mentioned in my last post - the call to a role or roles. Example - Paul’s call to be a missionary to the gentiles.

Thirdly, there is the current vision or goal. For example: Paul’s call to go to Rome.

So the general call is for all, but the call to a role and a vision comes from a combination of one or many of hearing direct from God, examining our gifts/personality, and our passion/what’s on our heart.

I was really encouraged in hearing this framework - from it I can hang all the various teachings I’ve heard about calling in my life - they don’t seem so much in conflict.