week 3

I’m no longer a Christian, see Lost and How I went to theology school and lost my faith
I did start learning arabic

This week the teaching has been on personal development again - this time more focused on the being in the presence of God, gifts of the spirit, and the fruit of the spirit. (I’m happy to explain that in more detail when I get back).

Friday was once again our seek-God day. It was closer to God than I’ve ever felt before - it was amazing.

Saturday we went to Dresden and claimed a tree for ourselves - we set up music and a drama and free haircuts and free tea and had conversations with a bunch of locals. it’s fun.

I want to start learning Arabic when I get home - (This is not a new thing, it’s just something I meant to do but I never actually did).

Tonight will be our last night on dishes duty - I feel sorry for those who’re now stuck with the never-ending task, although I think our dishes team is close and tight-knit team - we’ve been though great adversity together :)

Today in the church I was dragged up in front of everyone, got my age wrong (my mistakes were translated into four languages). He asked me what I would do If I only had one more year to live, which was very difficult to answer as I feel like God has told me to set aside the next couple years for preparing, he hasn’t told me what comes next. So. That was interesting.

Thanks for your prayers for those who are of the praying sort. Thanks anyway for those who aren’t.

I love you all.