Loud Noises!

I am not a loud person.

I talk little, and don’t often share my ideas. This puts me out of practice for when I do have something to say.

A few weeks ago a friend asked me to speak to a classroom full of girls about web design. Web design is something I’m (a little bit) passionate about, but I had no idea how to talk to them in a way that was interesting. I bored them out of their skulls. I don’t get very nervous about public speaking, I just never feel like I have anything valuable or compelling to talk about.

Merlin Mann suggests all excellent non-fiction, or, indeed, communication, is obsession times voice. I am somewhat obsessed with design and the web, and I do have some useful things to say, I’m just not very loud about it.

So here I am, trying to be loud, for the good of all humanity. (blatant narcissism and/or hyperbole is loud, right?)