Love and Judgement

I’m no longer a Christian, see Lost and How I went to theology school and lost my faith

This evening I went to a friends house, for our weekly discussion about Jesus, a book we’ve been reading together, and what’s going on in our lives. Sometimes we call this Home Group, Life group, or Small group. Regardless, it’s a highlight of my week - we have very excellent discussions. And play with Lego.

Today we talked about the dichotomy of the God’s love and God’s judgement (among many other things), and about how to reconcile those two apparently opposed aspects of Gods attitude toward us.

We discovered that those are both present at the cross.

For those following along at home, the basics of the gospel is that God loves humanity so much that Jesus came to die as the perfect payment for the cost of our sin, which God, in his perfection, judges so incredibly harshly.

God’s incomprehensible love and His perfect judgement are both answers to: “Why did Jesus come to Earth and die?”

That is: God’s judgement requires payment/punishment for sin, and God’s love is providing a way for us to avoid paying that cost as the most outrageous of personal expense. God died. We are safe.

This should invoke both the urgency to spread the gospel, and the gospel to urgently spread.

Yes, this is again a post full of obvious, but sometimes it’s good to have a bit of obvious in your life.