Meta post is meta

You know you’ve written too many posts when you start blogging about blogging.

A few friends with blogs decided it would be ‘fun’ to do a blog post every day for a week. Cool.

Then I missed Friday, so now I have to do 7 posts today. … Which is more posts in one day than I’ve ever done in one week, after a week of doing more posts than I had this whole year. Now I have 5 posts to write in an hour which is seriously cramping my usual style of edit lots and write little, compress until the goodness remains. Nope. This time you get lots of extraneous stuff. Also the gooey edges I won’t usually share. Fun.

I’ve been really enjoying this more compressed forced creation. I realised a couple of years ago what I really missed about design school was the forced creativity. There’s the deadlines and the stupid art-school-pretension and the stress of marks and inscrutable lecturer-taste and whatever, but I really really loved “you must make a thing. Here are the parameters. Go.” and this, though nothing at all to do with design, is like that in a way. Structured creativity under pressure; where the best creativity comes from.

3 of 7 on the fateful Saturday of blogs (funnily enough fate might be the next topic).