I’m no longer a Christian, see Lost and How I went to theology school and lost my faith

My mind is being stretched here, and also simplified.

My relationship with God is getting stronger here, and the simplicity and incredibility of Christianity as just knowing God is becoming more and more of a reality in my life.

I’ve spent some of the time here feeling very out-of-place - I’m not the gregarious evangelistic sort. But I know that the reality of Christ is such that that shouldn’t matter. I’m not likely to be a front-line evangelist full time in my life, but I could definitely be part of an organisation like this with the skills that I have and the willingness to serve God in any way that I’m gaining.

I’m growing in boldness here, ‘public’ prayer, sharing and praying, worship-leading next week… I still feel very uncomfortable in street evangelism, but I know that it’s an uncomfortable thing, and I’m willing anyway.

My faith is growing daily, and I’m learning more and more about God.

There is still so much more I need to get, so much closer to God I need to be… I need to study the word more and more.

Thank you all for your prayers.