I’ve decided to attempt to do nanowrimo this year.

In the past it seemed like an impossible thing … before this year I didn’t really think of myself as a writer and after November I still doubt I’ll have the gall think of myself as a fiction writer, however I’m now confident I’ll be able to at least write that many words down in a month - especially if I murder my internal editor.

… later …
I just did a wordcount on the totality of my blog: 19490 words. I don’t think I’d fully realised just how many words that I will have to write.

My plan is to publish as I go, to this very blog - so you can see it take shape and watch me write like a crazy person.

And in the interest of ‘developing’ everything in the open, pre-novel-notes: below.

[removed! No spoilers, although I’ll have you know I got up to 2100 words in outline.]