Design updates

My blog design was tired and uninspiring so I fixed it

Things I liked and kept

  • List styles
  • The exact rgb value of pink
  • Simplicity, but even more


  • Smaller subheadings
  • Blockquotes now work better when interspersed
  • Links in text are be quiet and unobtrusive at rest, not bright pink
  • A new typeface. The last one survived a few iterations, this one is “Whatever your default system font is”
  • No more Minty green
  • Or pagination at all
  • The archives page’s job is now done by the / page, so it’s gone away
  • “Related posts” has been replaced with navigating by category
  • All preprocessors are gone
  • I used only the CSS I could hold in my hands, and an even smaller amount of javascript (No more coffeescript!)
  • CSS Grids! just because I can

I’m very pleased with how this all looks presently, just in time for a 2018 full of writing (maybe hopefully)