On thinking things through

Note: I purposefully switch between thoughts, ideas, opinions, views, understandings, and beliefs. I mean whatever is at the intersection of those words.

I think about thinking far too much for a sane person.

I am driven to understand everything - my own mind is just one of those things.

How do I get a more accurate explanation for how things are and how they should be?

By putting my thoughts out there.

I know, for example, that explaining my opinion is the best way to find the holes in reasoning and the shaky premises - even if the explainee doesn’t notice.

Also, by engaging in debate about issues of all kinds and not being closed off to new ideas everyone wins.
Others catch what the rubber duck misses, and provide valuable insight into things I’m glossing over, questions I haven’t answered, and assumptions I’ve only half-finished.
Hopefully I can offer the same in return.

Writing things down changes my mind and sharpens my thoughts.
Publishing those writings might also change and sharpen others.

Here. We. Go.

A sidetrack on presenting opinions

My usual process when confronted with new concept is to say strongly what I understand of it, and see if it fits with my framework of understanding the world.
If it doesn’t then is my comprehension of it wrong, is the concept wrong, or is my framework wrong? frequently all three will need a bit of massaging.

My first step makes it very hard for others to observe the difference between opinions I hold loosely or am just trying out, and very fundamental beliefs and concepts.
I need to learn to express how convinced I am of an idea while I’m presenting it.