I listen to a lot of podcasts while walking to work, from work, wherever, I have so many to get through I listen to them all on double speed. I will tell you about three.

Timothy Keller Podcast

I found out about Timothy Keller while browsing around on the itunes for podcasts - and I’m not entirely sure this is a legitimate known-about-by-Timothy-Keller release of these sermons, but whatever. An archive of sermons trickles through and they’re always eye-opening in some way or other. I really enjoy his very structured teaching style.

The Web Ahead

This is an absolute-must-listen for anyone involved in the web industry. Jen Simmons has a different expert-guest each week talking about various general front-end technologies. Her guests range browser writers, web-celebs, to random tiny drupal people, but they’re almost always really informative. There’s also a podcast within a podcast: The Web behind series about the history of the web. Unfortunately it has slowed down lately.

99% Invisible

Everything you could ever want to know about design - This podcast is the most produced of all I listen to. It is, in reality, a radio show, and is all about design - especially the edges, the bits you don’t think of as designed. Roman Mars (who has the coolest name in podcasting), comes at the world from an architectural design bent - many of the episodes are about architecture, but far from all. Some are about music, some product design, some type design, and some are just stories. These are also the shortest - a 15 minute burst of interesting to brighten my day.

Geek Friday

And as a bonus, Faith Korpi and Jason Seifer’s Geek Friday - this has probably turned into an hour long episode of in-jokes and very little actual whatever, so start at the beginning or you’ll be totally lost. Jason is a programmer, and Faith a film geek, and it’s an hour of joyous geekery once a week. Featuring Venn diagrams, pranks, de Loreans, disagreeing completely about movies, and surprise sponsor reads, it’s fun for the whole family.