Restoring a blog

This is an example of what the note looks like.

This blog has fallen off the internet for a while. It stopped working with an update, and I never felt entirely comfortable restoring it because I disagree with so many of the old posts. And I didn’t want to start a blog from scratch. So whenever I did have an idea for a post it had nowhere to go and eventually dismissed itself from my mind.

But I like writing this blog, and I like some of what I’ve written, I don’t want to have my words I still agree with held hostage by those I don’t, In the past I’ve tweaked a word here or there when I was really wrong, but since losing my faith and transitioning so many of my opinions have changed drastically.

So I’ve added a note at the top of many posts, linking forward to where I changed my mind or just describing that I changed my mind. I can’t leave these articles exposed to google with my name on them without some indication that they’re not what I currently think, but I’m a bit concerned that means the unmarked posts will be interpreted as my exact current thoughts. I’ll continue to change my mind, and might not keep everything up to date.

This blog doesn’t have all the posts I’ve ever written that I disagree with. Somewhere in the mists of time I wrote a shitty defence of christian homophobia that I deleted so long ago that I have no way of getting back, and apart from a kind of morbid curiosity I’m glad about that.