Star Trek into Darkness

Other than the grammatical awkwardness that is the title, this was an enjoyable movie. Probably not great art, but fun.

I was going to do a movie review, but then I tried to start and I realised I haven’t done a movie review before and have no idea how to think critically about movies. I’ve done media study-type things, but they’re quite a different spaceship.

So: see it if you like grand sci-fi with lots of running and leaping and punching and things blowing up.
(But then, if you like that you were going to see it anyway, right?)

There are, however, truly awful subtitles. I just… no. they are only subseded by the papyrus subtitles in avatar. What were they thinking?
Just use the same plain white/outlined titles for alien speech that gets used for translated movies.

Subtitles are there to be read and not seen - like novel typography, they’re NOT PART OF YOUR BRANDING.

hmm, I shouldn’t’ve started with a ranty post today, it set me off on the wrong foot.

One more rant. about trailers. …

I really really really DO NOT LIKE suspense movies. I don’t like the suspense/terror/tension they drag you along into. And for running before this unscary movie? Totally not cool. I didn’t want to be jumped by a super-tense trailer.

Ugh, please quarantine all your suspensy trailers with the suspensy movies, and put them all in a box labeled suspense that I never have to go near.

I’ve come to terms with how much I don’t like this kind of movie, and as soon as I knew where it was going: fingers in ears and closure of eyes. I don’t mind looking like a see-no-evil-hear-no-evil monkey for a bit, (not that suspense is evil, just so not my thing). This attitude to suspensy/terror movies in the past cost me a chance at a relationship, whatever - I don’t want to watch SAW for any lady.

Live long and prosper.

2/7 blog posts today.