I’m no longer a Christian, see Lost and How I went to theology school and lost my faith.

Ah, a far more reasonable one-blog-post-per-day.


Set my alarm for stupid-early because I need to be at church at 7:30 for practice and it takes me an hour to get in, with the walking and the training and the walking. 6 seemed like a good time.


Open my eyes and look at my cellphone.

Look again in disbelief.

AAAHHHHHHHHHHH! alarm you have failed me! did I not click some button? Did I place you with your speaker against something muffly? Panic panic panic. Dress and run.


Call Jamie (Who organised me to do sound this Sunday) to let her know I’ll be pushing it.

Ring ring. groggy “Hello?”

Oh oops, sorry sorry, I thought you were on, I’m just running very late, sorry.

8:20 something

At linden station, trying to figure out if bussing from the station would be quicker than walking. Probably not, and I have to trust the bus is on time. I’m not very good at trusting busses.

9:00 exactly

train arrives at Wellington station, walk walk walk. I’m glad this is the same as my route to work, I know the quickest path.


I walk past a mum with two small kids who I could’ve sworn were on the same train as me. So I don’t know what kind of dark magic they were doing … apparently I don’t know the fastest way. but. but. but. triangles.


I get to the Elim building! aaaaaa finally!!!!


I apologise to Tali (on words) for not showering that morning.


The band starts, and I am reminded by the setup he left me that Ric likes the bass to be a lot heavier than I would ever have it. I turn it down slightly and we’re off.


Global day of prayer, how could I have forgotten you were happening?
The message this morning is an interview with a cross section of the Church about how they pray, and then a bunch of people praying in their own languages for various regions of the world. It’s so good.


And we do it again. but first, a muesli bar. I’ve taken to having muesli bars in my satchel as I am so disorganised that if I didn’t I would never ever eat.


Lunch is a speed dating of mentors and mentees at church. It’s the first such event and a success, though we needed narrower tables, and more space between them. It was a bit too noisy, but fun.


Practice again, at least this time I can be sound for the set up.


Church Service number 3.


Mitch speaks about prayer (I was wondering about the pattern lately of a couple speaking per Sunday, one in the morning the other in the evening service), having our single lady pastor speak in the evening after a morning of not having a preacher, that makes sense. carry on…


Josh’s bass stops working (in his mind only, it was actually working fine). So he does the totally logical thing. He puts the bass on away, removes his microphone from its stand, and throws the stand off the stage.



Josh and I have dinner and talk about the Philippines and married life and owning houses and purple shirts. (all hypothetical)


I plan trains badly


On my way home…


My flatmates are lovely and pick me up so I don’t have to walk all the way up my hill.

Trying my hand at a journal post. I fear I used too many details and not enough stories.