I want to talk about tolerance,

I haven’t consumed any caffeine on purpose for at least two years. possibly more possibly less - I might be misremembering and I’m trying to write fast, and obviously - having no caffeine in my system means I can’t think as well as the rest of humanity.

I used to consume a lot of caffeine, to the point where I was not only very definitely addicted, but also probably doing my heart damage, and my sleep patterns absolutely no favours.

Part of the reason for that is that sleep and I have a very adversarial relationship. I don’t want to sleep. It takes up my valuable time and gives me nothing except sanity and health in return.

So after the time of drinking Coke as water, and energy drinks as pretty much water, I decided, along with my good friend Gus, to not drink any fizzy drinks for a year. And I haven’t had any caffeinated beverages since. (one of the side effects of not being a coffee drinker).

And honestly, it doesn’t seem that much different. I still don’t sleep like a human person, but I spend a lot less money on sugary water, and my teeth probably like me more, (and my dentist less - money money money).

My favourite time before the great cutoff of year-whatever, was a time I’d tried giving up caffeine before. I’d gone with the avoid for 6 days and then have as much as you want on the 7th day philosophy of giving up things. (This actually works pretty well for some things, it makes it easier to get back on the horse, and because you only have to be without for 6 days it’s not such a hardship) back to the story. So I hadn’t had any caffeine for like a week, after being used being fairly caffeinated all the time, and I decided to buy one of those big cans of energy drink that you’re supposed to have less than one of per day. and then I thought I’d get a different brand just cos. and another different brand. and after the fourth I realised “I’ve made a terrible mistake.” I hadn’t counted on having lost the tolerance so quickly. I could feel my heart trying to escape every which way, I felt like I was some kind of x-man - flitting between dimensions.

So yeah, not what you meant by tolerance, but honestly, I don’t care. Tolerate that.

5 out of 7. the last post will be a haiku or something.