This person read titles on the internet
You’ll be amazed by what happened next

This incredible post will change your life with one weird trick.

I now have a standing rule to never click on a link that looks like the above. It’s a matter of principle.

I don’t like to feel I’m being manipulated, and when it’s in such a hamfisted way, it’s embarrassing.

It’s also terrible information design. Titles should be clear, they should immediately show you whether or not there’s something you’d be interested in reading further. These kind of titles serve only to entice you to click on something you’d otherwise ignore in order to make whoever runs Upworthy money from ads next to videos and stories he probably has no rights to (he may well get the right publish them, but I doubt it) that’s a very long sentence but I did nanowrimo so I don’t care.

It’s also tediously formulaic.

Don’t link to Upworthy (or the inevitable x-but-for-christians Faithit). Discourage these awful titles.