What is my calling?

I’m no longer a Christian, see Lost and How I went to theology school and lost my faith

This post is pretty much just about me me me.

The primary thing I’ve learned here and will take away is a sense of my gifts and calling and how that fits with the rest of the Church as a whole.

I have more of an idea of who I’m not, and how that’s ok. I’m more comfortable with not having the same gifts as others - I am not an evangelist, I am not a pastor. Those are not the only ways for a committed follower of Christ to serve. Obviously I knew that in the past, but now I’m starting to actually believe it. And because I know those aren’t my gifts I have more comfort with the times I am evangelising and pastoraling.

I have more of an idea of who I am, and how I’m still in progress, and that’s ok. I see the natural gifts and desires God has given me - I can see them more as gifts than as ‘ways I’m better than others’. I can also see my weaknesses as ways others are better than me and be excited for them rather than jealous.

I have more of an understanding of the scripture that talks about it being silly for an eye to try to be a foot or a nose to wish it was an eye. And that comes from meeting eyes and feet and understanding more of my nose-ness.

The most important thing I’ve learned over these last six weeks is

  1. Trust God.
  2. Trust God has plans.
  3. Trust God with my plans.
  4. Trust God made me the way I am on purpose - to not try to be someone else.

These aren’t really the things you come to a christian school to learn, but they’re definitely things I needed to learn, and I’m glad I’m here, I’m glad I learned them and am still learning them, and I’m confident and excited about now and the future.