Who reads this thing?

I’m a little bit curious about who reads this - because I don’t know who I’m writing to. The biggest advantage of the blog-roll is that it gave me a clear audience, but I want to out-grow it.

It was clearer who I was writing for while in Germany too - everyone at home who was interested in what I was up to. That audience skewed Christian (or I assumed it did), so I left out a bunch of background.

Without a clear audience things get a bit confused Christianity & science was split between being written for anti-evolutionist Christians and anti-christian evolutionists, The city that crosses continents was as much for my new Turkish friends as it was for my old friends - Christian and non, and didn’t commit to saying much of anything. My programming posts were both written for non-programmers. Some of my posts are publishing notes make myself do things, most are just to straighten out things I’m thinking about, and some are just … semicolons?

Let me know in the (now-working) comments below if you read this. If you’d rather not comment here, hit me up on twitter, or email. I may adjust the comment form with a checkbox to send unpublished feedback so you don’t have to use other things, but I’m lazy, also: publishing your thoughts is good for them.