I think I’m incorrect here. Not liking the idea of something is the most human reason for not believing it.
I even made this point the previous year

One of the topics for the blogroll is fate. I don’t really have anything to say about fate so I skipped it.
But here I am with a deadline and I need a topic. Don’t wanna be doing 49 blogs tomorrow.

So one of my favourite movies of all time is the matrix. And it’s a source of many quotes that stick in my mind. One of which is the following:

Morpheus: “Do You believe in fate neo?”,
Neo: “No”
Morpheus: “And why not?”
Neo: “I don’t like the idea that I’m not in charge of my own life”

This is from memory because I have literally seen this movie 100 million times.

This always struck me as the worst possible reason not to believe in something. You either believe it because it’s you believe it to be true, or you disbelieve it because you believe it to be false. You don’t believe or not because you don’t like the idea of it.

Another of my all time favourite quotes from that movie is as Neo is just before that. Neo is back in the matrix for the first time, and as they’re driving down the street he says “Hey, I used to eat there.” which just hits me as a demonstration of just how much his life has changed in the last few weeks. What was mundane is now completely alien, and what was once alien is mundane (well it’s a movie - so: never a dull moment). I think that’s an interesting slice of personal change.

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