One thing that makes you ache because it’s so beautiful it makes you feel so small in its vastness or implode with wonder”

How does anything work at all?

I want you to think about something you know well.
Well enough to go deep on.
Pick one tiny little aspect.
Peel back the layers
Keep in mind all the complexity as you go.

What happens when you load a webpage:

Hundreds of layers of abstraction (of which I soundly know very few) through to electrons in various astonishingly imprecise chips in astonishingly imprecise networks that make you uncomfortable about all data everywhere.

What about when you kick a soccer ball:

Or unconscious complex trigonometry and force evaluation, tactile feedback, neurons firing, electrical pulses causing muscles to tense and release in a precise order and a precise amount - how can the ball possibly ever go where you mean it to?

How does your body heals a tiny cut, or rid itself of a mild cold, how does a CD produce the experience of music.

Even just consider the incredibly complexities in something as simple and mundane as a daisy.

This is just one teeny tiny little thing thing.

multiply by everything.

If you haven’t already exploded in wonderment, be reminded:

Something curious happens when you go as deep as you can.

There is just purity and simplicity.

All of the physical world can be defined by a handful of constants and a few equations.
All of matter is just a few of subatomic particles making only 118 different atoms.
All of life is encoded in merely 4 chemicals in a couple of helical patterns.