This is a tattoo I’ve designed while in krögis. (About 3/4 of the people here have tattoos - it’s inspired me). I’m thinking the inside of my wrist/forearm - something I can see that isn’t aggressively “Tattoo!”.

Why these symbols?

If you squint it says LOVE

The symbols themselves are phrases, I’ve come up with three, I need your help for more
△ (God) ▢ (opens) the ◯ (eyes) of my ♡ (heart).
△ (out) of the ◯ (fullness) of the ♡ (heart) the ▢ (mouth) speaks)
God △ (lifts) my ◯ (head), I’ll ♡ (love) outside the ▢ (box)

I’m sure you and I can come up with more.
△: Trinity (God), Arrow, Upward…
◯: Eye, Whole/Fullness, Sun…
♡: Heart, Love…
▢: ⼝ (Mouth, Opening), Box

I want to keep my ♡/heart/love for others simple and straightforward - like the basic shapes that surround it

I like minimalism/simplicity and a tattoo of basic shapes seems very appealing. (Also: quick and cheap)