I no longer think my tattoo has any meaning other than being my tattoo. Though i still love it.

This is a tattoo I’ve designed while in krögis. (About 3/4 of the people here have tattoos - it’s inspired me). I’m thinking the inside of my wrist/forearm - something I can see that isn’t aggressively “Tattoo!”.

Why these symbols?

If you squint it says LOVE

The symbols themselves are phrases, I’ve come up with three, I need your help for more
Triangle (God) Square (opens) the Circle (eyes) of my Heart (heart).
Triangle (out) of the Circle (fullness) of the Heart (heart) the Square (mouth) speaks)
God Triangle (lifts) my Circle (head), I’ll Heart (love) outside the Square (box)

I’m sure you and I can come up with more.
Triangle: Trinity (God), Arrow, Upward…
Circle: Eye, Whole/Fullness, Sun…
Heart: Heart, Love…
Square: ⼝ (Mouth, Opening), Box

I want to keep my Heart/heart/love for others simple and straightforward - like the basic shapes that surround it

I like minimalism/simplicity and a tattoo of basic shapes seems very appealing. (Also: quick and cheap)